JH Tech the leading eco-friendly evaporative air cooler manufacturer established in Fuzhou China in 2006. It’s a high-tech enterprise focused on energy-saving, evaporative air cooler’s research and development, marketing and excellent customer service. By owning experienced experts and aggressive sales, it makes JH Tech give its clients professional services like factories, cafes, supermarkets, base stations, etc. Through 10 years of growth, JH Tech had completed its whole industry chain layout and became a true leader in the industry. From this product JHCOOL, it is Evaporative coolers adopt the natural cooling principle of heat absorption thru moisture evaporation, similar to what happens to the human body when the temperature goes up and the skin sweats to cool it down.

Product Information

Brilliant Engineering is a Distributer for JHCOOL
Evaporative Coolers to 13-year evaporative air coolers manufacturer in China .  Our stock management enables us to cover large enquiries with almost no lead time, highly efficient and perfectly suitable for tight deadlines .
JHCOOL has proven to be one of the most durable and efficient evaporative coolers in the market, with a wide range of standard, industrial, window, mobile and home units, JHCOOL offers strong air flow, with very decent coverage, and a reliable temperature reduction.


JHCOOL Evaporative Coolers do not only offer a competitive installation cost and an additional built-in ventilation function, it also offers great running cost saving. Following is a comparison between Evaporative Coolers and alternative cooling and ventilation devices:

JHCOOL evaporative coolers offer side, top and down discharge units , with the following features :
• Double fan speeds, for all Top/Down/Side discharge options.
• Elegant cabinet design with brand new update PP material, anti-UV, anti-corrosion, anti-aging , antidefamation.
• Copper motor adopts high quality fully sealed alloy shell design, good heat dissipation, low temperature and high protection.
• Professional 11 blades fan, lower noise greater wind
• Open-water distributor design, water flows evenly and smoothly.
• 120mm thickness high performance evaporative cooling pad, good cooling effect, easy to clean
• Automatic water control system, automatic reminder when lack of water
• 8-48 hours adjustable automatic cleaning function, intelligent maintenance
Two of the most commonly used models :

• Cover Area:50-70m2
• Power:380W
• Noise:≤57dB(A)
• Air flow:8000m3/h
• Water tank: 57L
• Water consumption:9-11L/H
• Dimension:800*480*1380 mm  

JH Advantages  :
• 1PH ,Three-speed Aluminum material cabinet motor, 100% copper wire.
• The modified PP shell, with braked caster, Infrared remote control, open type water distributor.
• Computer board, LED controller shows the working state.
• Filter the air  by pre-dust filters and cooling pads.
• Auto swing: left/right; Manual swing: up/down.
• The temperature display by temperature sensor.
• Health negative ionizer.
• Water pump protection function against low water level.
• Auto& manual water inlet.
Product Feature : 

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