About Us
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About US


A general contracting company that provides metal construction and blockwork solutions in a pioneering and distinguished way.

It also provides all electrical and mechanical engineering and ventilation works, all according to the approved standards to ensure the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Brilliant Engineering

Our Dreams

We seek to develop and innovate construction and engineering solutions that guarantee their users the best quality and sustainability, help save energy and limit the spread of pollution.

Brilliant Engineering

What we do

We offer construction innovations that ensure sustainability and achieve the purpose of its establishment with the best possible efficiency, in addition to providing mechanical and electrical work plan services in a reliable manner, taking into account the best quality standards while ensuring compliance with occupational safety specifications.

Brilliant Engineering

The Crew


Eng / Ayman Gaber


C.E.O ayman.gaber@brilliant-eng.com 01229017782 Supervising all day-to-day activities and operations of the company by following it up on a permanent and continuous basis. Ensure the implementation of the best strategies that ensure the continuous development of the company’s work environment. Set goals for all tasks, measure the success of performance in implementing them, and follow up on their reports. Interest in review the work of executive directors, heads of departments, and supervisors for different work.

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