Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial Vacuum Cleaning:

Brilliant Engineering as a company that is experienced in industrial environment processing, we are an agent for the German company Wieland in industrial environment treatment. Since 1959 Wieland Lufttechnik has been one of the world wide leading manufacturers of industrial vacuum units, truck mounted vacuum loaders and stationary vacuum and dust extraction systems. Health and safety requirements, protection of the environment, cleanliness of production machinery, reduction of machine down time and ergonomic handling are important aspects of products.



Industrial vacuum cleaners from Wieland Lufttechnik. Professional units for factory and machine cleaning. Suitable and certified for hazardous and explosive suction materials, bulk material, dust and liquids.


Extremely compact units with professional suction and filter performance. Designed for safe handling of dangerous or toxic suction material.

  • Stationary Vacuum Systems

Stationary vacuum units from Wieland Lufttechnik collect the suction material centrally and discharge into all types of containers or conveying equipment. High quality components are manufactured in series production and are combined individually in order to create a vacuum system tailored to the customer’s requirements.


The units are mounted onto trucks or trailers and arethe optimum work tool for the bulk material industries or for manufacturing operations where in certain production where dry suction material needs to be extracted in large quantities or conveyed over long distances. Special versions for ADR materials and with explosion protection according to Atex are available.




Product’s Scope of working [Applications].

  • Vacuum cleaning and conveying units for cement, lime and gypsum plants.
  • Vacuum cleaning and conveying plants for steel mills.
  • Central vacuum cleaning system for carpet weaving companies.
  • Professional industrial cleaners for bakeries and food processing plants.
  • Heavy-Duty Suction Unit, Model S-3 used in a flue gas desulphurization plant.
  • Extraction of explosive airborne coal dust at filling station for coal Bins.
  • Waste-Water Treatment Vac.
  • Cleaning of Silos – Mobile or stationary vacuum cleaning units with pipe network.