Anti Corrosion Centrifugal Ventilators


Brilliant Engineering Co.  is an agent and for the Italian Venplast in the field of industrial ventilators corrosion proof Venplast, providing a high quality service aimed at the utmost satisfaction of the customer, and inspired by values of honesty and professional transparency, intends to be an excellence reference point on the market of industrial ventilation (ventilators in plastic material, resistant to corrosion


Provided to you with both (direct and belt driven) wide variety of industrial ventilators corrosion proof that satisfy a range of workload/pressure which varies from a minimum of 30 m3h/50Pa to a maximum of 140000 m3h/6000Pa.

Products working scope:

The application fields of Venplast ventilators cover a broad range of sectors:

  • chemistry and jewelry laboratories
  • galvanic and metal treatment systems
  • petrochemical industry
  • environment purification systems from corrosive and dangerous fumes.
  • Besides standard products, Venplast is able to personalize the request with accuracy and punctuality according to the customer’s needs.