About Us

Who We Are:

Brilliant Engineering Co. is a General Contracting Company, specialized in Turnkey Projects; both Commercial and Large Industrial Manufacturing Facilities. Brilliant Engineering Co. was founded in 2009 by Eng. Ayman Gaber, only to become one of the Leading Full Engineering Services Providers in Egypt, with an outstanding portfolio of expertise in Construction and MEP fields, serving and completing projects in various regions all around the country.                                                                 

Our Mission:

We, at Brilliant Engineering, believe in Change being the foundation stone of developing the community. We also understand the extremely challenging nature of this developing market, and are parallelly aware of how promising it is too. In our pursuit to achieve maximum efficiency, we take active steps to obtain both the reliability and the malleability essential to function in this ever-shifting industry, and in the process, we do our best to provide the most sustainable solutions for our society.

Our Project Life Cycle:

We, at Brilliant Engineering follow the PSO model with the following highlights: –


Cost Estimation

  • Reviewing and comparing BOQs with the drawings, equipment schedules and specifications.
  • Carrying out site surveys as and when needed.
  • Proceeding with the Pricing Process as soon as the information authenticity is verified.
  • Pricing using the suitable Cost-Estimating Method: ROM and/or Definitive.
  • Submitting detailed commercial and technical offer.
  • Responding to initial inquiry and any subsequent requests for clarifications in timely and efficient manner.


  • Preparing detailed shop drawings, according to tender documents and site condition, as per Standard International Code, making sure any technical clarifications are answered and revisions are documented.
  • Equipment selection and conformation with specifications.
  • Evaluating design drawings and calculations with respect to site condition and contract scope.
  • Sketching 2D and modeling 3D using AutoCAD, SoildWorks, and Revit Software.
  • Reviewing and submitting the working shop-drawings.


  • Assigning and managing the working and the supervising team.
  • Coordinating people and resources, and monitoring the overall performance.
  • Managing manufacturing orders, procurement, site deliveries and storage.
  • Directing and managing project execution.
  • Managing stakeholder’s inquiries, revisions, and requests for additional works.
  • Applying quality and performance assurance procedures.


  • Analyzing key metrics.
  • Measuring utilization.
  • Forecasting people, resources, tools, trends and future needs.

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